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Private Lessons

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Private Lessons - The One Way to Guarantee Undivided Personal Attention from your Favorite Instructor

Ski With Stache

Reserving a Private Lesson guarantees you get the Instructor you want at the time you want*.
Please be aware that if you DO schedule a Private Lesson that it takes the Instructor "out of the pool" for other assignments during the time you reserve them for. If you do not show up for the lesson, the instructor not only loses that lesson, but also the possibility of any other lesson at that time.
Please call and cancel not less than one hour in advance so the Instructor is free to accept a different assignment. Ski Instructors are not "on the clock" for an eight hour shift but rather are paid by the lesson, if we don't teach we do not get paid. Long gone are the days of 50/50 splits between the Ski School and the Instructor. Nationally the average Instructor compensation is now much less than 20% of the face value of the lesson. In fact many receive only the minimum hourly wage (only for the hours they are teaching) and a Free Lift Ticket. As a PSIA Certified Instructor, with over two decades of experience teaching skiing, my current 2010 rate is $9.25/hr.

Stache is:
Paul W. Hartnägel
173 Old Quarry Road
Feura Bush, NY 12067
Voice Mail = (518) 810-8812