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Welcome to my web site!
Just like our skiing ability, this site is continually being updated, expanded, and improved more and more every season.


New Skiis & Jacket
2014-'15 Season


"Old Jacket" still used
when teaching UK groups.

Hopefully you are here because you have already had a lesson on the hill with me. This site is meant to be a review of what we did on snow, a taste of what is yet to come in our next lesson, or simply a way for us all to have a few more laughs and keep in touch.
If you have just surfed in you are more than welcome too, but to get the maximum value and my personal feedback you will want to book a time to ski with me. I currently teach at Killington, VT.

So whether you are a first time visitor or one of my regulars explore, enjoy yourself, and please sign my guest book or E-mail me and give me YOUR feedback!

Don't Leave Before You
Always Remember the Best Skier is
the one with the Biggest Smile!


Stache is:
Paul W. Hartnägel
V M = (603) 732-6026

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Above Photo of
"the Stache"
Without the 
Below Photo With.



4th Graders Ski Free!

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