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Ski With Stache

So You Like to Ski FAST on Intermediate and Beginner Trails?

I enjoy skiing fast, probably more than many others. However, I do it on the smooth black diamonds when there are few, if any, other skiers around.

 Problems occur when wanabe fast skiers, far from expert in their ability, decide to "race" or "bomb" on beginner or intermediate runs when there are other skiers using those trails. YOU are responsible for maintaining control and skiing in a manner such that YOU can stop or avoid crashing into other skiers or objects.

YOUR FAILURE to Maintain Control WILL HAVE serious consequences!

- You could be SUED!

- You could GO TO JAIL!

- You could DIE!
Don't believe me? Click on a link below.


Two Teenagers have died already this year 2011!

Hey, I don't want to see anyone hurt. I don't like reading stories in the news that add fear of skiing to folks who haven't tried it yet (my potential customers). I don't want anyone crashing into someone else, or into a lift tower or Tree. BUT.....

Consider this fair and legal warning. If you ski (or snowboard) fast, or out of control, and crash into me causing injury, or damage to my equipment, YOU WILL BE SUED!!

 YOU (or your parents) will be made to pay for replacement of damaged equipment. YOU will be responsible for paying my medical bills including lifetime occupational or physical therapy if needed. YOU will have to replace my lost wages as a Ski Instructor AND lost income from any of my other businesses caused by any injury that prevents me from conducting them. YOU will have to pay my mortgage, grocery, electric, telephone, heat and other utility bills. YOU are responsible for skiing in a manner such that YOU can stop or avoid other skiers and objects!!

There is a WORLD of difference between "Not meaning to do something" and "Meaning NOT to do something". Please ski and ride meaning NOT to hit anything.

Enough said, now let's go have FUN!

Stache is:
Paul W. Hartnägel
V M = (603) 732-6026