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Brittish Invasion @ Killington!

Ski With Stache

Since 2004 I have taught skiing to 5 and 6 day groups of teenagers from the U.K. when they come to Killington for their school Holiday.
February 11-15, 2012 = I didn't think last year's group could be topped but....
While I loved those Francis Holland girls (and still do) I had an even Greater Group still this year, 2012, from St. Bebes Catholic College.
Kodak Photo Albumn Click Here
You Tube Videos SBCC2012 playlist Click Here
February 2011 =  I had quite possibly the best group ever. Beginner Never Evers on Saturday, Top of the Killington Peak on Monday and by the end of five days they had skied all but two of the green trails and ended up skiing on a significant blue trail.
To my girls from Francis Holland, THANK YOU for making my week so enjoyable.
Still photos are posted in a Kodak Gallery.
Videos are on YouTube on the SkiWithStache channel.

April 9-12, 2011
Is it possible to have two great Brit groups in the same year?
Why do you think they call it Great Britain??
I enjoyed skiing with up to 17 GREAT kids from Wydean School in Wales.  J. K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books attended this school and was head girl in 1982. So you will understand when I say it was a magical week.
Videos on You Tube, all begin with WY.

Stache is:
Paul W. Hartnägel
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