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Ski With Stache

Q. I know that FAQ stands for "Frequently Asked Questions", but what does SAQ stand for?
A. SAQ stands for "Should be Asked Questions". In my business as an advertising and marketing consultant I have found that in virtually every business from Auto Repair to Tuxedo Rentals there are the Frequently Asked Questions that every customer has. More importantly are the Questions that the service providers wish people would ask. These are the things that really separate the Good from the Best!

Q. What does it take to be a Certified Professional Ski Instructor of America?
A. Same as anything worthwhile. Time, Money, and Committment. For me it was the 1986-87 season. For my Registration Clinic I attended the 5 day P.S.I.A. Instructor Training course at Mt. Snow, VT in early December. I taught Full Time six or seven days a week at Jay Peak, VT to get my 150 hours in by March. Then I took the two day Exam Preparation course at Greek Peak, NY, and over the three days of April 1,2,3 1987 at Loon Mt, NH I passed the Associate Certified (now called level II) exam. I include the locations so you can see that this involved not only the expense of the courses and exam but also the expenses of travel, meals, and lodging. Also once Certified you must attend a two day or longer update clinic every other season. By the way Eastern Division was the last to allow Registration and Examination in the same skiing season and 1986-87 was the last season they did.
Was I Lucky, or was I blessed with Divine Intervention? Click on the P.S.I.A. Certification Standards link below to see for yourself what it takes today.

Click Here to see the current P.S.I.A. Certification Standards.

Q. What skiis, boots, & bindings do you use and /or reccommend?
A. I am not a gear head. I think most every current manufacturer has great equiptment with many more bells and whistle features built in than most of us know how to use.
Currently I am skiing in Technica Dragon 120 boots that I bought at the Albany Snow Expo in November of 2010. They fit great, are stiff enough for serious skiing, and soft enough for teaching. My old skiis are K2 Patriot GT6s at a 174 cm length with Marker bindings. My new skiis? I ordered them from . K2 Xplorers at 177 cm. To go with the new skiis and the new Killington Ski School Jacket I had to get new Orange boots, Technica Dragon 120s. "It is much more important to look marvelous than to ski marvelous."

Stache is:
Paul W. Hartnägel
V M = (603) 732-6026