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My Bag of Tricks
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Some things we did in class
(or might do next time).

Ski With Stache

Here are some of my most popular tips and tricks. Most have been acquired through years of lessons and clinics that I have taken with PSIA Instructors and Examiners (read stolen). Some are my own original creations, and some are a hybrid of both.

"Follow Mees, Bend Zee Knees, Edge Zee Skiis, Watch Zee Trees, that will be twenty five dollars pleeze" ...Old German Ski Instructor's lesson plan.

Remember Any of These?

1. Skiing is a lazy man's sport!
     (Just slump into your boots)

2. Tony knows ... how to ski.
     (He keeps his toes-knees-nose lined up)

3. Trees do not stand up straight!

4. Twist and Boogie
(Skiing is the ultimate dance,
but the mountain always leads.)

5. The grape, bug, orange, etc. trick.
     (Squeeze a grape between your shin and the front cuff of your boot and
 one under the arch of your outside foot.)

6. Show Your "Skier Ahead" Sign.
     (Wear a sign on your back
and keep it faced uphill.)
7. Walk your poles to find proper hand position.

8. Transformer Turns.

9. Bulldozer Turns.

10.  Marching Band.
11. Silly Seagull Turns.

12. I'm not telling you any more here for free....
Come Ski With Me!

Stache is:
Paul W. Hartnägel
V M = (603) 732-6026